Janosch Bogdanski

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Nina Defounga

Nina Defounga, Dipl.-Ing., Germany. Innovation has always been the center of Nina’s professional life. Nina has earned her diploma in business engineering and gained experiences in various industries like Marketing, Software Development, Product Development and Consulting. Several start-up teams and start-ups have benefitted from these learnings, including her own ones. Nina teaches, trains and facilitates innovation methodologies to inspire theRead more

Carmen Fankhauser

Carmen has 20 years of experience in communication, marketing and business development across several industries and disciplines, including air navigation services, automotive, IT, banking, sustainable development, interior architecture, and local politics. A proud Swiss citizen, she now utilizes her combined experience to enhance Western Switzerland’s attractiveness as a location for inward investment in her capacityRead more

Christian Mühlroth

Chris is an innovation and machine learning enthusiast, speaker and the CCO of ITONICS, a vibrant and fast-growing software and solutions company in the field of growth strategy and innovation management. Since joining ITONICS in 2011, he has led a team of innovation experts and international projects across multiple industries helping companies to enable, shape,Read more

Volker Grienitz

Mr. Grienitz is head of innovation management at BENTELER Automotive. There he is responsible for foresight management, feasibility studies and collaboration with start-ups. Previously, Mr. Grienitz was Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Siegen and worked for several years as a consultant. Mr. Grienitz studied industrial engineering specializing in automation technology, earned hisRead more

Philipp Hammans

Philipp Hammans is a technology- and innovation enthusiast and futurist at Dennemeyer Consulting located in Munich. He has a long (> 12 years) international track record in the area of IP, IPR, technology- and innovation management, gained in various branches and industries. Philipp holds an engineering, an economical and legal degrees (M.Eng., M.Bus., Pat.Eng., LL.M.) andRead more

Bogac Simsir

20 years of experience in the field of design and engineering, on a variety of project types, sizes, and complexities, serving as engineer, supervisor and managing director. Having worked for several multinational companies and projects, experienced a work atmosphere with people from different cultures, in different counties; Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, USA, Germany and UK.Read more

Andrey Malyy

Born in Russia, Andrey got university degree in Computer Science in Moscow. In 2005 he started his career in Procter & Gamble, in business analytics, then led the digitization of trade processes across Eastern Europe. He then built eCommerce solutions in Russia and led the IT & analytics to support the global Olympics campaign ofRead more

Katey Diamond

Katey operates in the magical space between human understanding and business innovation; a space where meaningful and valuable new ideas happen. She specialises in early stage product, service, experience and strategic design, using ethnographic research and design thinking methods to help businesses bridge the gap between what people need, and what they provide.Read more

Admir Kulin

Admir Kulin joined m.doc in 2017 where he currently serves as CEO of. Before joining mdoc, he worked for Vitaphone. He studied Business Administration at te University of Applied Sciences Koblenz in Germany.Read more

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