Harvesting session

At the end of the last session (session 5) the moderators will give a short summary of each world café in front of the audience to showcase all key take aways.   All results, pictures and key takeaways of the World Cafés will be photographed after the event and made available to the we.CONECT Media Center as wellRead more

(6) Collaboration Café: Innovation Management in turbulent times – from Innovation Accelerators to Business Eco-Systems

Start-Up Monitoring – A compass to finding your way in the Start-up world Spotting promising Startups, new technologies and business processes for your industry Business Ecosystems – Identifying the right Business Ecosystem for your company and developing it using an iterative processRead more

Short Summary by the Chair

Read more

(1) Future Café: Developing a clear picture of the future; Trends, Disruption and Collaboration

Innovation Management in a decentralized tech company How to analyze trends and find the right timing of innovation Outside-In innovations through corporate venturing: chances, opportunities and risksRead more

(4) CYP Roundtable: The relevancy of Intellectual Property (IP) in innovation processes

Managing of IP in a corporate context Impact of targeted Intellectual Property Management in vertical vs horizontal innovation processes Synergy potential between business model- and technology protection and freedom-to-operateRead more

(5) Innovation Success Café: Bringing Technology-driven innovation to the last mile

How do you measure success of innovation? Critical factors to successfully scale-up digital tech-driven innovation What role internal IT ecosystem plays in scale-up process? When to engage IT within innovation process? Can and should IT lead technology-driven innovation?Read more

(6) CYP Roundtable: Challenges and opportunities of a Customer-centric Digital Transformation

Identifying and leveraging industry trends Which technology-driven industries can be considered success factors of digital transformation Customer-centric innovation approach Digitalization roadmap and selected initiativesRead more

Case Study: How to introduce a new technology like additive manufacturing into existing structures?

New and disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing are vital for innovation AM innovation and its implications (does it represent incremental innovation industry or will it lead to radical changes?) Why and how the manufacturing industries will undergo many changes as a consequence of the AM innovationRead more

Case study: Finding the ONE – Innovation challenges of 5G and how 5G will shape m2m communication

5G will create a new mobile infrastructure offering To reach its full potential new business models are needed Startups are facing difficulties to connect with new infrastructure like 5G   The mobile telecomms industry is now introducing 5G as a new technology offering. To make it a true innovation new partnerships, ecosystems and business modelsRead more

Case Study: Translucent Innovation – Safe Open Innovation for Free

Chances and challenges of Open Innovation Collaboration MNE-Technical Institute Sector Collaboration MNE-Startups – Safe and Free   Traditional request based open innovation has a number of known issues. Most importantly you will revile for your competitors what you are seeking when you publish your requests. Other issues are background noise from solution providers you areRead more

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