(1) Future Café: Developing a clear picture of the future; Trends, Disruption and Collaboration

Innovation Management in a decentralized tech company How to analyze trends and find the right timing of innovation Outside-In innovations through corporate venturing: chances, opportunities and risksRead more

(3) Icebreaker: Innovation in conventional sectors

Can a conventional business transform itself through innovation? How can be the change managed inside the organization? Are you ready to disrupt your current business?Read more

Case Study: How to introduce a new technology like additive manufacturing into existing structures?

New and disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing are vital for innovation AM innovation and its implications (does it represent incremental innovation industry or will it lead to radical changes?) Why and how the manufacturing industries will undergo many changes as a consequence of the AM innovationRead more

Case Study: Innovation approaches in the Automobile Industry – Mobile Living Room 2.0

ADAS will enable a different mobility experience Safety, entertainment and leisure will drive the mobility experience Interior Cocooning and touchless HMI are required   Most expect the car to be the third place of living aside from our home and our office. Longer distances to commute, more traffic, more time in the car is creatingRead more

Opening Keynote: Business Model Innovation; IoT enabled Condition Monitoring and Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance – Improving quality and service by predicting malfunctions before they cause unscheduled downtime and higher costs Digital twins, a virtual image of your asset Distributed analytics – using the power of the edge Digital transformation – Building new business models based on services   Internet is no longer just a global network forRead more

Case Study: Innovating in an adversarial environment; Disbelief, distrust and disruptive technologies

Agriculture is ripe for disruptive innovation The public are highly skeptical about new innovations in food production How did we get ourselves in this situation? How should innovators respond?   Agriculture is absolutely ripe for technological disruption and there are many examples of technologies which might change how we produce food (and indeed change theRead more

(1) CYP Roundtable: Building an Innovation Culture for Success

• Is there a need for a different culture with respect to disruptive or incremental innovation or in general between innovation departments versus departments like sales or finance? • How do you manage different cultures in one company? • How do you build up an innovation culture for success?Read more

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