(5) Innovation Success Café: Bringing Technology-driven innovation to the last mile

How do you measure success of innovation? Critical factors to successfully scale-up digital tech-driven innovation What role internal IT ecosystem plays in scale-up process? When to engage IT within innovation process? Can and should IT lead technology-driven innovation?Read more

(6) CYP Roundtable: Challenges and opportunities of a Customer-centric Digital Transformation

Identifying and leveraging industry trends Which technology-driven industries can be considered success factors of digital transformation Customer-centric innovation approach Digitalization roadmap and selected initiativesRead more

Case Study: How to introduce a new technology like additive manufacturing into existing structures?

New and disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing are vital for innovation AM innovation and its implications (does it represent incremental innovation industry or will it lead to radical changes?) Why and how the manufacturing industries will undergo many changes as a consequence of the AM innovationRead more

Case study: Finding the ONE – Innovation challenges of 5G and how 5G will shape m2m communication

5G will create a new mobile infrastructure offering To reach its full potential new business models are needed Startups are facing difficulties to connect with new infrastructure like 5G   The mobile telecomms industry is now introducing 5G as a new technology offering. To make it a true innovation new partnerships, ecosystems and business modelsRead more

(4) Technology Identification Café: Technology Foresight in Mobility and IT

Which role does strategic product management play in your organization? What do you think about Scenario Management (Factories run the world scenario vs. Virtual World scenario vs. Green World scenario)? When will existing paradigm in Mmobility and IT change? Which new technologies do you see in 2025 that drive change? What do you define asRead more

Case Study: Industry 4, I(I)oT and Artificial Intelligence and the future of business

A.I., business and the future: make or break What effect AI will have on businesses and and how is it shaping companies The Future of Business: Anything that is a process can and will be run by an AI AI is one of the – potentially the only one – tool in the corporate toolkitRead more

Case Study: Innovation approaches in the Automobile Industry – Mobile Living Room 2.0

ADAS will enable a different mobility experience Safety, entertainment and leisure will drive the mobility experience Interior Cocooning and touchless HMI are required   Most expect the car to be the third place of living aside from our home and our office. Longer distances to commute, more traffic, more time in the car is creatingRead more

(2) Icebreaker: Rethinking innovation in a digitalized world – how will companies need to approach business strategies in the digital era

How will digitalization disrupt the traditional automation business? How can industrial players develop new digital core competencies and actively shape evolving IoT-based ecosystems? Scenario of future manufacturing based upon smart and self-determined componentsRead more

Case Study: Industry 4.0 and Quantum Computing Technologies & Markets – Present Status and 5-year Outlook?

Why quantum computing has the potential to be faster and more energy efficient than computers we use today How quantum computing will shape the global economy, industries, services and nearly every aspect of our life in the next decadeRead more

Case Study: The Digital Transformation; Innovation, Market & Human beings

Digital Transformation context Conservative markets : example based of the security one The unspoken and the human actors   The digital transformation is more than a trend, this is now reality. This case study will give you examples (and a first idea) how to manage it in conservative markets and then how to gain theRead more

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