(5) CYP Roundtable: The relevancy of Intellectual Property (IP) in innovation processes

Managing of IP in a corporate context Impact of targeted Intellectual Property Management in vertical vs horizontal innovation processes Synergy potential between business model- and technology protection and freedom-to-operateRead more

(6) Innovation Success Café: Bringing Technology-driven innovation to the last mile

How you measure success of innovation? What is your mandate? How to scale-up innovation? How you build it inside your IT ecosystem? When and at which point to engage IT?Read more

(7) CYP Roundtable: Challenges and opportunities of a Customer-centric Digital Transformation

Identifying and leveraging industry trends Which technology-driven industries can be considered success factors of digital transformation Customer-centric innovation approach Digitalization roadmap and selected initiativesRead more

Case Study: Translucent Innovation – Safe Open Innovation for Free

Chances and challenges of Open Innovation Collaboration MNE-Technical Institute Sector Collaboration MNE-Startups – Safe and Free   Traditional request based open innovation has a number of known issues. Most importantly you will revile for your competitors what you are seeking when you publish your requests. Other issues are background noise from solution providers you areRead more

(6) CYP Roundtable: Innovation processes in high-potential sectors

Why do so many companies struggle with innovation? Which parameters and conditions must be addressed before innovation projects are possible? How should innovation processes be defined?Read more

Closing note: Shaping the Future; Participatory Technology Agenda Setting

The innovative process model for participatory technology development Insights into socially co-designed future scenarios and “narrative objects” Presentation and discussion of recent project results Hands-on session to develop ideas for digital empathyRead more

Case Study: The Digital Transformation; Innovation, Market & Human beings

Digital Transformation context Conservative markets : example based of the security one The unspoken and the human actors   The digital transformation is more than a trend, this is now reality. This case study will give you examples (and a first idea) how to manage it in conservative markets and then how to gain theRead more

Case Study: From a trend evaluation to a new business unit

Trend management @BENTELER Electric mobility and mobility pattern Business opportunity check with agile methods to a new business unitRead more

Case Study: Innovation in Johnson Matthey and the chemical industry: the past, the present, the future

JM’s “Innovation Factory” : relevant innovation concepts “Kinds” of innovation – what is innovation anyway and how do organisations do it? Cultural factors that influence dynamics and behavior- incentives, disincentives, barriers and enablersRead more

(1) Collaboration Café: Innovation Management in turbulent times – from Innovation Accelerators to Business Eco-Systems

Start-Up Monitoring – A compass to finding your way in the Start-up world Spotting promising Startups, new technologies and business processes for your industry Business Ecosystems – Identifying the right Business Ecosystem for your company and developing it using an iterative processRead more

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