(5) CYP Roundtable: The relevancy of Intellectual Property (IP) in innovation processes

Managing of IP in a corporate context Impact of targeted Intellectual Property Management in vertical vs horizontal innovation processes Synergy potential between business model- and technology protection and freedom-to-operateRead more

(3) Icebreaker: Innovation in conventional sectors

Can a conventional business transform itself through innovation? How can be the change managed inside the organization? Are you ready to disrupt your current business?Read more

Closing note: Shaping the Future; Participatory Technology Agenda Setting

The innovative process model for participatory technology development Insights into socially co-designed future scenarios and “narrative objects” Presentation and discussion of recent project results Hands-on session to develop ideas for digital empathyRead more

(4) Strategy Café: Creation of a culture of innovation; challenges and opportunities

How to interpret all the changes in the outside world to find the ones that may disrupt your company? What threatens the continuity of your company the most? Did you experience a disruption of your company in the last few (5) years? What was the nature of the disruption (antecedents, parts of the disruption)? What was theRead more

Case Study: Using Design Thinking early in the innovation process to deliver real value for customers

How to work with true customer centricity How to use customer insights to develop new and unexpected ideas Two industry case studies where an iterative prototype approach was used to create success in the marketRead more

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