(6) Collaboration Café: Innovation Management in turbulent times – from Innovation Accelerators to Business Eco-Systems

Start-Up Monitoring – A compass to finding your way in the Start-up world Spotting promising Startups, new technologies and business processes for your industry Business Ecosystems – Identifying the right Business Ecosystem for your company and developing it using an iterative processRead more

Case Study: Translucent Innovation – Safe Open Innovation for Free

Chances and challenges of Open Innovation Collaboration MNE-Technical Institute Sector Collaboration MNE-Startups – Safe and Free   Traditional request based open innovation has a number of known issues. Most importantly you will revile for your competitors what you are seeking when you publish your requests. Other issues are background noise from solution providers you areRead more

(1) Icebreaker: Do you have your Avengers teams ready? – Central roles within successful Corporate Startups

• Which challenges can be solved by implementing corporate startups? • How can corporate startups be implemented to come up with radical innovations? • What types of persons do successful corporate startup teams combine?Read more

Opening Keynote: Analysis of the uprecedented breadth and speed of technological developments that allow firms to identify and exploit novel value creation opportunities

Overview of the challenges faced by incumbent firms in dealing with innovation Examination of how leading firms engage in the core discipline of innovation Novel insights on how firms can develop systematic capabilities in innovation and entrepreneurship   We are experiencing an unprecedented breadth and speed of technological developments that allow firms to identify andRead more

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